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Power Point Presentations and MP3 Recordings

The University of Toronto weekly physics colloquia are available online. You can download the PowerPoint (or PDF) file and the MP3 recording to your computer. Just click on the PowerPoint file for the talk, and click open at the prompt. If you have difficulty opening the file in your browser, you can download both the PowerPoint file and the MP3 recording to your computer.

Colloquium List 2012-2013

Date Speaker / Institution Host Title / Topic Download
Sep 12, 2013 Jim Sethna
Cornell University
Anton Zilman Sloppy models, Differential geometry, and How Science Works PDF
Sep 19, 2013 Mihaly Horanyi
University of Colorado
Sabine Stanley The Lunar Surface: A Dusty Plasma Laboratory PDF
Sep 26, 2013 Chandra Varma
UC Riverside
John Wei Higgs Bosons in Condensed Matter Physics PDF
Oct 3, 2013 Andy Mackenzie
University of St. Andrews
Stephen Julian Complex oxides: a new playground for physics and technology PDF
Oct 10, 2013 Chandralekha Singh
University of Pittsburgh
David Bailey When Physical Intuition Fails PDF
Oct 17, 2013 Sharon Glotzer
University of Michigan
Stephen Morris Packing & Assembling Polyhedra MP3
Oct 24, 2013 Peter Brown
University of Western Ontario
Stephen Morris The Chelyabinsk Airburst and its Implications for the Impact Hazard at the Earth
Oct 31, 2013 Francis Halzen
University of Wisconsin
Erich Poppitz Evidence for High-Energy Extraterrestrial Neutrinos at the IceCube Detector MP3
Nov 7, 2013 Alan Madej
National Research Council of Canada
Joseph Thywissen Moving Beyond the Current Limits of Time: Single Ion Optical Atomic Clocks and the Quest for the Ultimate Isolated Quantum System PDF
Nov 14, 2013 Naomi Leonard
National Research Council of Canada
Anton Zilman Towards Flawless Flocking: Models and Mechanisms from Animal Groups MP3
Nov 21, 2013 Andreas Hemmerich
Universitaet Hamburg
Arun Paramekanti When bosons condense in excited states PDF
Nov 28, 2013 Ted Hsu
Member of Parliament, Kingston and the Islands
Stephen Julian Letís strengthen the voice of scientists in parliament! MP3
Dec 5, 2013 Jens Dilling
Pierre Savard Understanding the universe, one rare isotope at a time MP3
Jan 16, 2014 Jason Petta
Princeton University
Andrew Meyertholen Spooky Action at a Distance: Generating Entanglement in Quantum Dot Circuits MP3
Jan 23, 2014 Peter Olson
Johns Hopkins University
Sabine Stanley The Geodynamo from a Whole-Earth perspective PDF
Jan 30, 2014 Jan Kycia
University of Waterloo
John Wei Studying Monopoles in Spin Ice at Ultra Low Temperatures
Feb 06, 2014 Stephen Morris
University of Toronto
Consider the Icicle PDF
Feb 13, 2014 Stefan Myrskog
Morgan Solar Inc.
Aephraim Steinberg Concentrating the Sun: Concentrated Photovoltaics and design challenges at 1000 Suns MP3
Feb 27, 2014 Norbert F. Scherer
University of Chicago
Anton Zilman Insights into stochastic growth and division of single bacterial cells, or A Bug's Life MP3
Mar 6, 2014 Giorgio Gratta
Stanford University
Erich Poppitz Neutrinos from Hell: the Dawn of Neutrino Geophysics MP3
Mar 13, 2014 Ashvin Vishwanath
University of California, Berkeley
Arun Paramekanti Quantum is Different: Topological Phenomena and Entanglement in Solids MP3
Mar 20, 2014 Anthony J. Leggett
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Arun Paramekanti Testing the limits of quantum mechanics: motivation, state of play, prospects MP3
Mar 27, 2014 Scott Franklin
Rochester Institute of Technology
Stephen Morris Tangled Granular Matter PDF
Apr 3, 2014 Dan Falk
Stephen Morris The Science of Shakespeare MP3

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