Prof Henry van Driel Research Group

Research Overview:

Our research group investigates the properties of bulk and nanostructured materials, in particular their classical and quantum interactions with light.

We have numerous femtosecond and picosecond pulsed optical systems with wavelength ranges, which are tunable from the visible to the near-infrared. These tools allow a wide range of experiments that push the technological limitations of naturally occuring and synthetic material systems, such as semiconductor heterostructures and photonic bandgap crystals.

We have many collaborations with other experimental groups from which we are able to obtain high quality nonlinear optical materials. Also our close ties with the Theoretical Quantum Optics group here at the UofT leads to a dynamic and fruitful enhancement of our interpretation of the condensed matter and quantum optics investigations.

Prof. van Driel is not taking on new undergraduate or graduate students this year.