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Actinides in Solution: Nuclear Waste, Strong Correlations, and Emergence

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Date and time Apr 05, 2007
from 04:10 PM to 05:00 PM
Location McLennan Physics (MP) 102
Host Arun Paramekanti

Brad Marston

Plutonium in solution exhibits multiple oxidation states with a near-perfect degeneracy in the reduction-oxidation potentials. As a result up to four different oxidation states can coexist simultaneously in the same solution. This degeneracy has both theoretical and practical consequences. On the theoretical side, I will discuss how this degeneracy likely manifests a higher-level organizing principle at work, namely an emergent "negative-U" attractive interaction.  This idea is tested by combining first-principles relativistic density-functional calculations with Hubbard models of the strong correlations between the actinide 5f electrons.  On the applied side, I will discuss  how this degeneracy greatly complicates the environmental chemistry of plutonium in ground water, which bears on the problem of nuclear waste disposal at locations such as Yucca Mountain.

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Contact Name Arun Paramekanti
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