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Climate Change in the 20th and 21st Centuries, and Beyond

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Date and time Apr 19, 2007
from 04:10 PM to 05:00 PM
Location McLennan Physics (MP) 102
Host Ted Shepherd

Francis Zwiers

This talk will summarize the findings of the IPCC Working Group 1 contribution to 4th Assessment Report from the perspective of one of the convening lead authors of the chapter entitled "Understanding and Attributing Climate Change".  The body of observational and modelling evidence now available leads to the inescapable conclusion that human influence was the dominant cause of climate change on global and continental scales during the 20th century, and that it will continue to be the dominant cause of change during the 21st century barring large, unforeseen natural external forcing on the climate system. Emissions reductions made over the next few decades will not substantially affect the rate of warming of the planet over the short to medium term, but our collective choices in making reductions during this period will have a profound effect on the climate of the late 21st century.


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