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In Search of Time

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Date and time Apr 09, 2009
from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Location McLennan Physics (MP) 102
Host Daniel James

Dan Falk


Mar19 ColloqTime is at once intimately familiar and yet deeply mysterious.  It is thoroughly intangible: we say it flows like a river – yet when we try to examine that flow, the river seems reduced to a mirage.  No wonder philosophers, poets, and scientists from Aristotle to Einstein have grappled with the enigma of time for centuries.  In this illustrated talk, science journalist Dan Falk (In Search of Time: Journeys along a Curious Dimension – McClelland & Stewart, 2008) explores some of the most intriguing aspects of time:  how our ancestors first learned to measure it; how Newton and Leibniz argued over its nature; the philosophical problems with time’s alleged “flow,” and a brief look at the physics of time travel and the paradoxes it seems to entail.

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