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Superconductivity at the Dawn of the Iron Age

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Date and time Sep 11, 2008
from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM
Location McLennan Physics (MP) 102
Host Stephen Julian

Zlatko Tesanovic

IronMan.jpgRecent discovery of iron-based high temperature superconductors hints at a new pathway to the room temperature superconductivity. The new materials feature FeAs layers instead of the signature CuO2 planes of much-studied cuprate superconductors. The antiferromagnetism also appears to be involved, although the d-electrons in FeAs seem considerably more mobile than their cuprate cousins. This high mobility, facilitated by a large overlap between atomic orbitals of Fe and As, plays a crucial role in warding off Hund's rule and the large local moment magnetism of Fe ions, the archenemy of superconductivity. I will present a pedagogical review of the current status of the field, highlighting similarities and differences between iron oxypnictides and cuprates, and emphasizing the importance of the multiband nature of magnetism and superconductivity in these new materials.

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