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Colloquia 2019-2020

Start Date Speaker Title
Sep 19, 2019 04:10 PM Cheng Chin Event Bose fireworks
Sep 26, 2019 04:10 PM Thomas Scaffidi Event Electron hydrodynamics
Oct 03, 2019 04:10 PM Mishkatul Bhattacharya Event Flying lasers for sound
Oct 10, 2019 04:10 PM Sidhartha Goyal Event Statistical mechanics of stem cells
Oct 17, 2019 04:10 PM Andrea Cavalleri Event Emergent Properties in Light Matter Hybrids
Oct 24, 2019 04:10 PM Ivan Schuller Event Neuromorphic Computing
Oct 31, 2019 04:10 PM Nigel Smith Event The SNOLAB Science Programme: cutting-edge science from a deep hole in the ground
Nov 07, 2019 04:10 PM Terry Hwa Event Bacterial growth laws and the origin of dimensional reduction
Nov 14, 2019 04:10 PM Tracy Slatyer Event Deciphering the Universe's Dark History
Nov 21, 2019 04:10 PM Tulika Bose Event Searches for new physics at the Large Hadron Collider - with precision and innovation
Nov 28, 2019 04:10 PM Jonathan Oppenheim Event A post-quantum theory of classical gravity?
Dec 05, 2019 04:10 PM Stephanie Waterman Event Filling in the Map: Arctic Ocean mixing space-time geography & its impacts
Jan 09, 2020 04:00 PM Melinda Webster Event Will snow help or hurt sea ice in a warming climate?
Jan 16, 2020 04:10 PM Meigan Aronson Event Alternatives to Ordered Phases at Zero Temperature
Jan 23, 2020 04:10 PM Rouven Essig Event Direct Detection of sub-GeV Dark Matter: A New Frontier
Jan 30, 2020 04:10 PM Mark Zoback Event Utilizing Physics-Based Models to Manage the Risk of Injection-Induced Seismicity Associated with Unconventional Oil and Gas Production
Feb 06, 2020 04:10 PM Cornelia Hoehr Event How nuclear physics can treat cancer - radiotherapy at TRIUMF
Feb 13, 2020 04:10 PM Kendrick Smith Event CHIME: The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment
Feb 20, 2020 04:10 PM Michael Raymer Event Is a Quantum 2.0 Science and Technology Revolution Coming?
Feb 27, 2020 04:10 PM Stephen Montzka Event The surprising case of CFC-11: Have we fallen off the path to ozone layer recovery?
Mar 05, 2020 04:10 PM Alan Migdall Event Measurements: For all time, for all people (The dawning of a new age)
Mar 12, 2020 04:10 PM Anton Zilman Event Simple physics of complex “biomachines”: the curious case of the Nuclear Pore Complex
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