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Aug 25, 2009

Professor Sabine Stanley wins Ontario Early Research Award

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One of 26 U of T researchers receiving funds.

Professor Sabine Stanley wins Ontario Early Research Award

Sabine Stanley

Seventeen of U of T's most promising early-career researchers are winners of the prestigious Early Researcher Awards. Each received $140,000 each from the province plus $50,000 in matching funds from the university; Nine researchers from partner hospitals also won awards. The Early Researcher Award Program seeks to attract and retain the best research talent by helping promising early-career Ontario researchers build their research teams.

Professor Sabine Stanley received funding for her research into Using Magnetic Flux Spots to Probe Planetary Cores. Space is still the final frontier. Researchers can gain important information about the interior structures and dynamics of planets by studying the magnetic fields generated in their core. These magnetic fields extend beyond planetary surfaces. Dr. Stanley’s team will use numerical simulations and observational data analysis to investigate small-scale magnetic flux spots. They will use these features to determine solid inner core size, convective vigour and other key characteristics of planetary interiors, thereby furthering our studies of Earth, Mercury and Jupiter.

Overall, the province funded 82 projects. U of T and partner hospitals received just over a third of the funding awarded province-wide.

"In making these awards, the province is demonstrating its faith in the next generation of research talent and making a long-term investment in the prosperity of our society," said Professor Paul Young, U of T's vice-president (research). "It is from our early-career researchers that some of the most innovative ideas arise and we will look to them for years to come to help us solve society's pressing problems. I am delighted that so many of our faculty members have been honoured and extend my heartfelt congratulations."