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Quantum Mechanics

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  1. Review of Postulates of Quantum Mechanics

Hilbert Spaces, Density Matrix

  1. Quantum Dynamics

Evolution Operator, Heisenberg vs. Schrodinger Picture

WKB (Semiclassical) Approximation

Coherent States

Electron in a Magnetic Field

  1. Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics

Parity, Time Reversal

Translation, Electron in a Periodic Potential, Bloch’s Theorem

Disordered Lattices and Localized States

Green’s Function Method

  1. Perturbation Theory

Time-independent: Rayleigh-Schrodinger and Brillouin-Wigner series expansions

Time-dependent perturbation theory: Fermi’s Golden Rule, Absorption and Emission of Light from Atoms

  1. Variational Methods

Electron in a Deformable Elastic Medium

  1. Scattering Theory

Lippman-Schwinger Integral Equation

Partial Waves

S-matrix and T-matrix

Evaluation will be 60% homework and 40% final exam.

                            Modern Quantum Mechanics 2nd edition by J.J. Sakurai and J. Napolitano.
If desired, the digital eBook is available on VitalSource
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