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COVID-19 Program Completion Award (PCA)

Information about the Program Completion Award, a complementary program to cover non-tuition ancillary fees

The Faculty of Arts and Science will provide Covid-19 Program Completion Award (PCA), which will complement the SGS program and cover the incidental and ancillary fees for the term tuition fee is waived. As with the tuition waiver, the PCA may be provided in the coming academic year or future years for students still the funded cohort in 2020-21. There will be no separate request/application for the PCA, and it will be awarded for students who receive a tuition waiver.

The actual amount for the PCA will depend on various factors, whether the student is affiliated with St. George campus or UTM campus, whether the student is international or not. The PCA will include the additional fees for UTM students and UHIP for international students. Also, note that the tuition and fees are slightly different for the Fall session and the Winter session. Please see here for the tuition and fee schedule for 2020-21.