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Life Post-Graduation for Physicists

A Series of Career Exploration Sessions for PhD Students

Are you interested in exploring what career pathways you might have with a PhD in physics? This summer the Department of Physics, in collaboration with the Milestones and Pathways program, is hosting a series of career sessions for graduate students, post-docs and recent graduates. These bi-weekly, lunch-hour sessions will introduce you to the careers that UofT PhD physics alumni have found after graduation:

  • June 29, 12 to 1 pm (Eastern): Exploring Career Pathways for PhDs in Physics
  • July 13, 12 to 1 pm (Eastern): Banking and Finance Roles
  • July 27, 12 to 1 pm (Eastern): Post-Doctoral Research Positions
  • August 10, 12 to 1 pm (Eastern): Data Science and Machine Learning Positions
  • August 24, 12 to 1 pm (Eastern): Research & Development Roles

In the first session, Dr Joel Rodgers will introduce you to specific resources, as well as key strategies, for physicists exploring new career pathways. You will be able to put these strategies into practice in subsequent Q&A sessions featuring guest speakers from specific industries and sectors. By the end of the summer, you should have not only a clearer view of potential career paths but a number of contacts in various industries.

Open to all current and recent doctoral candidates from the Department of Physics in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

To participate, please register online. If you’ve registered, one week before our first session you will receive an email with more information about the sessions (e.g. Zoom log-in details, handouts).

If you have any questions, please contact Joel Rodgers ((, Coordinator, Graduate Student Professional Development, Faculty of Arts & Science or
Jeremy Rothschild (, PhD Candidate in the Department of Physics.

Host: Department of Physics and Faculty of Arts and Science
Event series  Departmental Events