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University of Toronto

PhD Graduates

Congratulations to our November 2021 graduates!

Boudjada, Nazim - Symmetry-broken phases and transport in multiband systems (Supervisor A. Paramekanti)

Bourassa, Eli - Strategies for noisy photonic quantum technologies: quantum computation to quantum key distribution (Supervisor H. K. Lo)

Casha, Albert - Higgs boson measurements in leptonic final states with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider (Supervisor R. S. Orr)

Chern, Li Ern - Magnetic field induced phases in Kitaev magnets: A semiclassical analysis (Supervisor Y. B. Kim)

Choi, Wonjune - Quantum dynamics and topology of the Kitaev materials (Supervisor Y. B. Kim)

Conklin, Randy - Gravitational wave echoes: theory and application (Supervisor B. Holdom)

Mahon, Perry - Theory of electronic response to electromagnetic fields in crystalline solids (Supervisor J. E. Sipe)

Ojeda, Martina - Measurement of Higgs couplings to top quarks and τ leptons with the ATLAS detector (Supervisor P. Savard)

Patri, Adarsh - Exotic phenomena emerging from localized multipolar degrees of freedom (Supervisor Y. B. Kim)

Roche, Sebastien - Measurements of greenhouse gases from near-infrared solar absorption spectra (Supervisor K. Strong)

Smale, Scott - Observation of a transition between dynamical phases in a harmonically trapped degenerate Fermi gas (Supervisor J. H. Thywissen)

Sorn, Sopheak - Topology and magnetism in quantum materials (Supervisor A. Paramekanti)

Stavropoulous, Panagiotis - Emergent phenomena in correlated materials with strong spin-orbit coupling (Supervisor H.-Y. Kee)

Yuan, Bo - Neutron scattering study of magnetic excitations in quantum magnets Bi2CuO4 and CoTiO3 (Supervisor Y. J. Kim)