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Honours, Medals and Awards


1946 Officer, Order of the British Empire
Officer Legion of Merit, U.S.A.
1970 Order of Canada, Officer
1974 Order of Canada, Companion

Medals and Awards (Post-Graduation)

1930 – 1932 Massey Fellowship to University of Cambridge
1950 R.M. Johnston Medal, Royal Society of Tasmania
1958 Willet G. Miller Medal, Royal Society of Canada
1959 S.G. Blaylock Medal, Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
1960 Civic Award of Merit and Gold Medal, City of Toronto
1968 Logan Medal, Geological Association of Canada
Bancroft Award, Royal Society of Canada
Bucher Medal, American Geophysical Union
Penrose Medal, Geological Society of America
1974 J.J. Carty Medal, U.S. National Academy of Sciences
1978 Gold Medal, Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Wollaston Medal, Geological Society of London
Vetlesen Prize, Columbia University
J. Tuzo Wilson Medal, Canadian Geophysical Union 
Priestly Award, Dickenson College, U.S.A. 
Rennie Taylor Award, American Tentative Society (Science Writers of U.S.A.)
1980 Ewing Medal, American Geophysical Union
M. Ewing Medal, Society of Exploration Geophysics
*Albatross Award, American Miscellaneous Society
1981 Huntsman Award, Bedford Institute of Oceanography
1983 Citizenship Award, Ontario Association of Professional Engineers

Encyclopedia Britannia Medal and Award

1989 A Wegener Medal, European Union of Geosciences
Killam Award, Canada Council

In addition, Tuzo was the holder of fifteen honorary degrees and was a foreign member or associate of seven academics.

Two seamounts rising from the floor of the Pacific Ocean, near the junction of three plates some 200 kilometres west of Vancouver Island, were named the Tuzo Wilson Seamounts in his honour.