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Science Rendezvous 2017

Science Rendezvous at the Department of Physics!
May 13 2017

Lots going on at the Department of Physics this year!

 For more information visit the Science Rendezvous Website or
checkout the facebook page!

2017 Photos

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 Photos Credits: Ben Olson, Sheela Manek

 For more information visit the Science Rendezvous Website or  checkout the facebook page




Located in various locations
in and around the Physics Building

We are making lots of waves this year - sound waves, pendulum waves and more!  Learn some Bernoulli tricks, find out how to make wine glasses sing, and blow over a massive, 1m tall domino with a single breath!  Not into making noise? Take a peek at cosmic rays, defy entropy and race some soup cans.  Of course, we will have the classic Van de Graaff generator and our favorite, the Superconducting Train out as well.  See you there!



Tours of
Research Labs
Starting at 1:30pm

Ultracold Atoms Lab: Come see the coldest matter in the Universe!

Condensed Matter Physics!

Atomic Movie/Laser Nursery!

Icicle Lab: See how icicles are made!

More tours to be added….



Talks on current research and recent discoveries

Starting at 1:00pm

Tunneling Towards Room Temperature Superconductivity – 1:00pm
Professor John Wei

"What shape is an icicle?" – 2:00pm
Professor Stephen Morris

Icicles are harmless and picturesque winter phenomena, familiar to anyone who lives in a cold climate.  But what decides their shape?  And why are some icicles ripply and other smooth? We built a laboratory icicle growing machine to explore icicle physics. We learned what it takes to make a perfect icicle and the surprising origin of the ripples.

Gravitational Waves – 3:00pm
Catherine Woodford - PHD Candidate

Get an up-close and personal take on the Gravitational Waves discovery that has changed science for the better. Considered the most influential discovery of the century, gravitational wave GW150914 broke records in physics, astronomy, and interferometry - with still more to come. We will talk about what went into the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (LIGO) that discovered GW150914 from theoretical, engineering, and computer simulation viewpoints, and discuss the outlooks on the future of gravitational wave astronomy.


  • Virtual reality to showcase 3D structures of Proteins, Molecules of Life and Molecules of Death!
  • What's up there in the atmosphere?
  • Cabinet Project Installation - I don't know where but she sends me there by artist Rick Hyslop

ken clarke SR

 For more information visit the Science Rendezvous Website or
checkout the facebook page!