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NO2 Limb Retrieval in the Upper Troposphere/ Lower Stratosphere Region

As one of the major ozone depleting species, stratospheric nitrogen
dioxide (NO2) necessitates accurate global measurements. From 2002 to
2012, the SCIAMACHY (SCanning Imaging Absorption spectroMeter for
Atmospheric CHartographY) instrument onboard ENVISAT (European
Environmental Satellite) provided global coverage of stratospheric NO2
every 6 days.

In this talk, a novel approach to improve the sensitivity of SCIAMACHY
NO2 limb retrieval results at the UTLS (Upper Troposphere/ Lower
Stratosphere) altitude layer is described. Additionally, the current NO2
limb retrieval product is validated with various NO2 data sets,
including ACE-FTS on SCISAT. Both retrieval methods are used for case
studies at the North Atlantic region.