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2011 Noble Lectures - " Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics through the Lens of Ozone"

April 11 to 15 2011

Prof. Anne M. Thompson
Prof. Anne M. Thompson
The 2011 Noble Lectures will be given by Prof. Anne M. Thompson, Professor of Meteorology, Penn State University.

Anne M. Thompson studies atmospheric composition with satellites, aircraft, surface data and balloons. In the 1980's she conducted some of the first modeling studies of the interaction of chemical and climate changes. Thompson's specialties include biogeochemical cycles, impacts of human activity (biomass burning, aviation) on the environment and dynamic processes affecting the tropopause region. Since 1998, Thompson has led the SHADOZ ozonesonde network for NASA and several IONS campaigns with Environment Canada. She is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society and a recipient of COSPAR's Nordberg Medal for Space Science. More information about Prof. Thompsom and her research interests is available on her website.

Lecture Schedule

The lectures will be given the week of April 11th, with a special Physics Colloquium on Monday, April 11th. They will focus on current topics in atmospheric physics and chemistry using observations of ozone and related species.

Lectures will take place in the Koffler Institute, room KP 108 or in Bahen Centre, room BA 1130. Refreshments will be served half an hour prior to the start of each lecture in the lobby, just outside the lecture room. All five lectures will be one hour.

Strategic Ozonesonde Networks: Design and Scientific Accomplishments

4pm Monday April 11th, KP 108 (Special Physics Colloquium)
A reception will be held following the colloquium in the McLennan Physics Building, room MP 110.
Lecture Slides

Processes in the Upper Troposphere/Lower Stratosphere (UT/LS) Observed in SHADOZ (Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozonesondes)

11 am Tuesday April 12th, KP 108
Lecture Slides

Atmospheric Chemistry in the Tropics (I):  Biomass Burning and Remote Sensing

11 am Wednesday April 13th, KP 108

Atmospheric Chemistry in the Tropics (II): "Paradox", El Niño, Emerging Megacities

11 am Thursday April 14th, KP 108

Forecasting Pollution: Models and the Value of Information

11 am Friday April 15th, BA 1130

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The Noble Lectures are made possible by the generous support of the Reginald and Muriel Noble Fund.