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Recent Results from VERITAS

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Date and time Jan 30, 2017
from 01:10 PM to 02:00 PM
Location MP 606
Host Peter Krieger

Benjamin Zitzer

McGill University

VERITAS is an imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope (IACT) array located in southern Arizona, USA. The full array has been in operation since 2007, observing the northern sky in the energy range between 85 GeV and 30 TeV. VERITAS has a very diverse science program which includes but not limited to: active and starburst galaxies, pulsars and their nebulae, supernovae remnants and various astroparticle topics. In this talk I will review  some of the most recent VERITAS results with an emphasis on those that are most closely related to two of the oldest and more important remaining questions in astroparticle physics: the origin of cosmic rays and the composition of dark matter.  

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