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CQIQC Seminars

The CQIQC Seminar is held roughly every two weeks to discuss ongoing work and ideas about quantum computation, cryptography, teleportation, et cetera. We hope to bring together interested parties from a variety of different backgrounds, including math, computer science, physics, chemistry, and engineering, to share ideas as well as open questions.

Place : Generally held at the Fields Institute , 222 College Street, Toronto, but see "Location" listed under each talk to be certain.
Time : Friday at 11:00 a.m.

To receive notices of upcoming seminars by email, please subscribe here.

To volunteer (please!) to give a talk, please email one of the organizers,  Amr HelmyDaniel JamesAephraim SteinbergPaul Brumer, or  Hoi-Kwong Lo.

Start Date Speaker Speaker Institution Location Title Categories
Sep 20, 2019 11:00 AM Cheng Chin James Franck institute, Enrico Fermi institute, University of Chicago 60 St. George Street, MP 408 Event Super-resolution microscopy of cold atoms in an optical lattice Quantum Optics, Seminar
Sep 25, 2019 11:00 AM Claude Fabre Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel, Univ. Paris VI 60 St. George Street MP 408 Event Generation of Gaussian and non-Gaussian multimode entangled states of light for applications to Quantum Information Processing CQIQC, Quantum Optics, Seminar
Sep 27, 2019 11:00 AM Lee Liu Harvard University 60 St. George Street MP 408 Event Building a Single Molecule from a Reservoir of Two atoms Quantum Optics, Seminar
Nov 08, 2019 11:00 AM Timur Tscherbul University of Nevada, Reno 3rd Floor Stewart Library, Fields Institute, 222 College Street, Toronto Event TBA CQIQC, Quantum Optics, Seminar
Nov 22, 2019 01:30 PM Sabre Kais Purdue University 60 St. George Street, MP 606 Event TBA CQIQC, Quantum Optics, Seminar

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