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PHY2710 S specializedComputational Methods in Biophysics

Course Title PHY2710 S specialized
Session winter
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Lecture: T 1-3 KN L1215 (at UTM)
Lab: M 3-5 CC3160 (at UTM)

Sarah  Rauscher


Official Description

This course will provide an in depth study of the mathematical concepts, numerical methods and computational techniques commonly employed in the study of biological physics.  Topics to be covered may include stochastic processes and their applications, Monte Carlo algorithms, Bayesian inference, machine learning, molecular dynamics and coarse-grained simulations of bio-macromolecules and their assemblies, an introduction to phylogenetic inference and other numerical and computational tools.

Prerequisite: n.a.
Co-requisite: n.a.
Exclusion: n.a.
Recommended preparation: n.a.
Textbook n.a.