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Higgs-confinement phase transition in 2+1 D superfluids

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Date and time Nov 08, 2019
from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM
Location 60 St. George Street, MP 1115
Host Erich Poppitz

Srimoyee Sen

Iowa State University

I discuss the conditions under which Higgs and con fining regimes in gauge theory can besharply distinguished. It is widely believed these regimes are smoothly connected unless they are distinguished by the realization of global symmetries. However, we show that when a
U(1) global symmetry is spontaneously broken in both the confi ning and Higgs regimes, there is a novel order parameter which can detect certain Higgs-confi nement phase transitions. This result is explained in the context of certain tractable gauge theories in three space-time
dimensions. Our observations significantly strengthen the case for the necessity of a phase transition between nuclear matter and quark matter in QCD, which we proposed in earlier work.

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