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PHY2315H F specializedAdvanced Statistical Mechanics

Course Title PHY2315H F specialized
Session fall
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location Time: F 11-1:00
Room: MP 1115

Arun  Paramekanti


Official Description

This course will introduce the concepts of phases and phase transitions, and develop the renormalization group (RG) framework for studying critical phenomena.


1. Phases and phase transitions - overview

2. Mean field theory: Applications to magnets, fluids

3. Landau theory of phase transitions

4. Scaling theory of critical phenomena

5. Real space RG

6. Momentum shell RG: Diagrams, Epsilon-expansion, Large-N expansions

7. Kosterlitz-Thouless transition: The role of topology

8. Dualities

9. Quantum phase transitions

10. Disordered systems: Breakdown of Order, Random spin chains





    Textbook Reference Books:
    N. Goldenfield, Lectures on Phase Transitions and Renormalization Group.
    M. Kardar, Statistical Physics of Fields