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PHY100H1F-SumThe Magic of Physics

Course Title PHY100H1F-Sum
Session summer, fall
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location 24L: TR 1:00 - 3:00 PM, Room: MP103
T3-5,Room: MP606
R3-5, Room: MP137

Yuchong  Li
MP 121B

Official Description

This course provides a survey of Physics, including both Classical and Modern Physics.  It is designed for non-scientists, and assumes no background in either science or mathematics.  The approach to the course is broad rather than deep.  We will concentrate on the concepts underlying such fascinating topics as planetary motion, chaos, the nature of light, time travel, black holes, matter waves, Schrodinger's cat, quarks, and climate change.  We will uncover the wonders of the classical and the quantum worlds courtesy of Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, Heisenberg and many others.

Prerequisite: n.a.
Co-requisite: n.a.
Exclusion: PHY131H1/132H1/151H1/152H1 taken previously or concurrently
Recommended preparation: n.a.
Textbook TBA

Additional Notes

The course is designed especially for non-scientists who want to learn how physicists are slowly unravelling the secrets of the universe. No prior knowledge of physics or mathematics is required.Any necessary elementary classical physics will be reviewed. There are two 2-hour lectures and one 2-hour tutorial per week. During the tutorials, the small group atmosphere will give students the opportunity to supplement the course material and pursue topics of special interest.

PHY 100H1 is primarily intended as a Science Distribution Requirement course for students in the Humanities and Social Sciences.