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PHY131H1F-SumIntroduction to Physics I

Course Title PHY131H1F-Sum
Session summer
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location 36L: MWF 2-4, Room: MP 103
20P: MW4-6pm or MW6-8pm, Room: MP 122 or MP123 or MP124

Brian  Wilson

David  Harrison


Official Description

A first university physics course primarily for students not intending to pursue a Specialist or Major program in Physical or Mathematical Sciences. Topics include: classical kinematics & dynamics, momentum, energy, force, friction, work, power, angular momentum, oscillations, waves, sound.

Co-requisite: MAT135H1/137Y1/157Y1 recommended but may be required prerequisite in 2nd year Physics courses
Exclusion: PHY151H1
Recommended preparation: MCV4U Calculus & Vectors/MHF4U Functions & Calculus, SPH4U Physics
Textbook Etkina, Planinsic, and Van Heuvelen, College Physics, 2nd ed. (Pearson, 2019)

Additional Notes  is a good site to get a overview of the 1st year practicals.

Please note that PHY131H1/PHY151H1 or course equivalent must be done before PHY132H1.