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PHY180H1FElements of Physics I

Course Title PHY180H1F
Session fall
Year of Study 1st year
Time and Location 3L: LEC01: M12/W12/R12; LEC02: M11/W11/R11 all lectures in LM162
PRA0101: W9-11; PRA0102:T12-2; PRA0103:W4-6; PRA0104:W1-3; PRA0105:T9-11; PRA0106:R12-2,
Room: MP126
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Brian  Wilson

Amar  Vutha


Official Description

This course is taken by students of Engineering Science Division Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (FASE).

Mechanics is the science of motion, and is one of the foundations for all of Physics and Engineering. The course considers the motion of particles and rigid bodies, the causes of their motion (forces), and the general principles that lurk under all of mechanics (conservation laws of momentum, angular momentum and energy).

There are both lecture and practical components to this course.


Prerequisite: n.a.
Co-requisite: MAT194H1
Exclusion: MIE100H1
Recommended preparation: n.a.
Textbook "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" Volume 1, 10th edition

Additional Notes

PHY 180H1F Lecturer:               Dr. Amar Vutha.
PHY 180H1F Lab Coordinator:   Dr. Brian Wilson.
Labs start
PRA0101: Sept. 11
PRA0102: Sept. 10
PRA0103: Sept. 11
PRA0104: Sept. 11
PRA0105: Sept. 10
PRA0106: Sept. 12