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PHY224H1 fallPractical Physics I

Course Title PHY224H1 fall
Session fall
Year of Study 2nd year
Time and Location 72P: M3-6,F11-2 / TR9-12 / TR1-4 / Room: MP222

Ruxandra  Serbanescu (coordinator)


Official Description

Develops the core practical experimental and computational skills necessary to do Physics.  Students tackle simple physics questions involving mathematical models, computational simulations and solutions, experimental measurements, data and uncertainty analysis

Prerequisite: PHY132H1/152H1, (MAT135H1,MAT136H1)/MAT137Y1/MAT157Y1
Co-requisite: PHY231H1/250H1/252H1/254H1/256H1/ENV235H1
Exclusion: PHY225H1
Recommended preparation: n.a.
Textbook On-line Documents:
- Python tutorials, see Quercus page
- Computational exercises: see Quercus page
- Experiments and exercises guide sheets: see Quercus page

Additional Notes

Background:  No computational experience is required.  Students should be familiar with data and file manipulation.

The first half of the course is dedicated to learning programming in Python.  In the second half students do experimental work and apply programming to data analysis.