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PHY254H1Classical Mechanics

Course Title PHY254H1
Session fall
Year of Study 2nd year
Time and Location 24L: MW11, Room: MP103
12T: T12,T4 Room: TBA

Ruxandra  Serbanescu


Official Description

The course analyzes the linear, nonlinear and chaotic behaviour of classical mechanical systems such as harmonic oscillators, rotating bodies, and central field systems.  The course will develop the analytical and numerical tools to solve such systems and determine their basic properties.  The course will include mathematical analysis, numerical exercises using Python, and participatory demonstrations of mechanical systems.

Prerequisite: PHY132H1/152H1 (PHY152H1 recommended), (MAT135H1,MAT136H1)/MAT137Y1/MAT157Y1
Co-requisite: MAT235Y1/237Y1/257Y1
Exclusion: PHY255H1
Recommended preparation: MAT244H1/MAT267H1, PHY224H1
Textbook Required: Classical Mechanics by John R. Taylor (University Science Books, 2005).
Recommended: Introduction to Classical Mechanics with Problems and Solutions by David Morin (Cambridge University Press 2007).