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PHY350H1Electromagnetic Theory

Course Title PHY350H1
Session fall
Year of Study 3rd year
Time and Location 24L: MW4, Room: MP103
12T: R12/R2 Room: TBA
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Erich  Poppitz


Official Description

This course builds upon he knowledge and tools developed in PHY250H1.  Topics include:  Solving Poisson and Laplace equations via method of images and separation of variables, Multipole expansion for electrostatics, atomic dipoles and polarizability, polarization in dielectrics, Multipole expansion in magnetostatics, magnetic dipoles, magnetization in matter, Maxwell's equations in matter, conservation laws in electrodynamics, and electromagnetic waves.

Prerequisite: MAT223H1/240H1, MAT244H1/MAT267H1, MAT235Y1/MAT237Y1/MAT257Y1, PHY250H1,PHY254H1
Co-requisite: n.a.
Exclusion: PHY352H1
Recommended preparation: n.a.
Textbook Introduction to Electrodynamics, 4th ed by D.J. Griffiths (Pearson).