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PHY484H1/1484HRelativity Theory II

Course Title PHY484H1/1484H
Session winter
Year of Study 4th year
Time and Location 24L: MR10, Room: MP606

A.W.  Peet


Official Description

This course follows on from PHY1483F. We begin by outlining how Einstein's equations can be derived from an action principle from scratch. Applying them, we find the conditions under which gravity is attractive, and describe gravitational lensing. Next, we develop the story of homogeneous isotropic FRW cosmology, and introduce the idea of inflation. Then we discuss aspects of the thermal physics of the early universe. After that, we give an outline of the theory of inflationary perturbations and how they grow over time, and connections to experiment. Next, we turn to introducing black hole thermodynamics, extra dimensions, and alternative theories of gravity. We finish up with a brief introduction to numerical relativity.

Prerequisite: PHY483H1
Co-requisite: n.a.
Exclusion: n.a.
Recommended preparation: APM346H1/APM351Y1
Textbook No required textbook, but full online lecture notes are provided.