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2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Winners of the 2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)

Tutukhanim Balayeva

Student's Name: Ms. Tutukhanim Balayeva

Supervisor:  Professor Dylan Jones

Project Title: Characterizing the sources of moisture for precipitation in the Sahel

Student's Name:  Mr. Mark Buchanan

Supervisor:  Professor Kaley Walker

Project Title: 

Student's Name:  Ms. Vanesssa Clayton

Supervisor:  Professor John Wei

Project Title: Search for Higher T Superconductivity in Transition Metal Oxides

Student's Name:  Mr. Sanjit Dasgupta

Supervisor:  Professor Sid Goyal

Project Title:  

Alan He

Student's Name:  Mr. Alan He

Supervisor:  Professor Stephen Morris

Project Title:  Investigaton of the states of motion of a dragged viscous thread

Emily Knuckey

Student's Name:  Ms. Emily Knuckey

Supervisor:  Professor Debra Wunch

Project Title:  Measuring greenhouse gases throughout the GTA using a mobile in situ atmospheric analyser

Ryan Ripsman

Student's Name:  Mr. Ryan Ripsman

Supervisor:  Professor Luyi Yang

Project Title: Performing second harmonic generatatin measurements in SrRuO3 and other quantum materials

Student's Name:   Mr. Qing Hao Xu

Supervisor:  Professor Chris Lee

Project Title:  Reviewing the existing research literature on Martian surface and water processes, and summarizing the recent modeling efforts in this field

Undergraduate Program  SURF