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NSERC (USRA) Summer Student Research Job Opportunities

Summer 2020


In the "Research" column you will find links to job description and contact information

No. Supervisor Research Student(s)
1 Robin Marjoribanks Ultrafast Laser Surgery Sarah Costa
2 Robin Marjoribanks Extreme Optics: Ultra-Intense Laser-Matter Interaction Physics Xinyu Jiao
3 Robin Marjoribanks Novel Materials-Processing by Ultrafast Laser
4 Amar Vutha Fundamental physics using atoms & molecules (2 positions)
5 Debra Wunch Measuring and Quantifying Toronto's Greenhouse Gas emissions (2 positions) Rica Cruz
Rochelle Maher
6 Kaley Walker Atmospheric Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy
7 Miriam Diamond Data Analysis for the SuperCDMS experiment Gillian Bogert (Chair's Scholars)
8 Christopher Lee Climatological Maps of Mars Using Supervised and Unsupervised Learning Andrey Remorov
9 Christopher Lee Characterizing Mars Craters Using Deep Learning Aslesha Pokhrel
10 Nicolas Grisouard Delivering Oxygen into Deep Waters
11 Al-Amin Dhirani Nanoengineering Exotic Quantum Phenomena
12 ATLAS Group Undergraduate Student Research Positions with the ATLAS Toronto Group in 2020 (several positions) Samuel Li (Chair's Scholars)
Osvald Klimi (Chair's Scholars)
Alex Wen
Haolin Liu
Harish Ramachandran
13 T. Scaffidi & N. Grisouard Computational Electron Fluid Dynamics Jack Farrell
14 Young-June Kim Superconductivity and magnetism in quantum materials Michelle Nguyen (Chair's Scholars)
15 Kimberly Strong Using Physics to Measure Atmospheric Composition
16 Barth Netterfield Construction and Integration of Balloon - Borne Telescopes
17 Ue - Li Pen Algonquin Pulsar Project
18 Paul Kushner Group High latitude atmospheric and sea ice data analyses
19 Paul Kushner Group The atmospheric response to sea ice loss in simple models
20 Paul Kushner Group Seasonal forecasting of the North Atlantic Oscillation in observations and models
21 Sidhartha Goyal Biophysics: Can single cell gene expression help track cell lineages?
22 Sidhartha Goyal Biophysics/Quantitative biology
23 David Curtin MATHUSLA simulation studies of cosmic ray and displaced vertex reconstruction (2 positions) Lillian Luo
24 Aephraim Steinberg, Joseph Thywissen, Amar Vutha Atomic Lego Blocks
25 Aephaim Steinberg U. of T. Laser Cooling and Quantum Optics Group Kehui (Grace) Li
26 David Curtin Looking for mirror star candidates in GAIA data Aaron Howe
27 Miller Group Software development for Ultrafast Electron Diffraction Sang Bum Yi
28 Miller Group Observing Ultrafast Lattice Dynamics and Heat Transfer in Quantum Dots Kuangyi Tang
29 Anton Zilman Stochastic modeling of receptor signaling accuracy and specificity Tim (Yi Yang) Tian
30 Michael Luke Effective Field Theory for QCD Wentao Cui

Undergraduate Program  USRA