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NSERC (USRA) Summer Student Research Job Opportunities

Summer 2021

In the "Research" column you will find links to job description and contact information

No. Supervisor Research Student(s)
1 Robin Marjoribanks Ultrafast Laser Surgery
2 Robin Marjoribanks Extreme Optics: Ultra-Intense Laser-Matter Interaction Physics Xinyu Jiao
3 Robin Marjoribanks Materials-Processing Colin Veevers
4 Amar Vutha Precision physics with atoms and molecules (2 positions) Samuel Li (Chair's Scholar), Julia Ford
5 Debra Wunch Measuring & Quantifying USRA_2021 (2 positions)
6 Ziqing Hong & Miriam Diamond Dark matter USRA_2021_SuperCDMS.pdf (2 positions) Simon Harms (Chair's Scholar)
7 Miller Group Miller-TEM coherence length
8 Miller Group Miller-FROG Project Arya Kimiaghalam
9 Miller Group Miller-UED AI project-2 Endri Mjeku
10 Miller Group Miller-PIRLProject
11 Christopher Lee Mars_Crater_Characterization
12 ATLAS Group Undergraduate Student Research Positions with the ATLAS Toronto Group in 2021 (several positions) Darren Zeming Chan, Maggie Wang, Lily Gong, Paula Bosca, Riley Zurrin
13 Joseph Thywissen Ultracold Thywissen Lab (up to 3 positions) Kelly Smith (Chair's Scholar), Harish Ramachandran and Kehui Li (Chair's Scholar)
14 Kaley Walker Atmospheric Walker_NSERC (up to three positions) Ana-Maria Zamrii, Ruth Huang
15 Al-Amin Dhirani Nanoengineering Quantum Electronic Behaviour Xiaoyang Chen, Tony An
16 Anton Zilman summer-nserc-usra-proposal-signaling Julie Midroni

Undergraduate Program  USRA