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NSERC (USRA) Summer Student Research Job Opportunities

Summer 2022

In the "Research" column you will find links to job description and contact information

No. Supervisor Research Student(s)
1 Robin Marjoribanks Ultrafast Laser Surgery
2 Robin Marjoribanks Extreme Optics: Ultra-Intense Laser-Matter Interaction Physics
3 Robin Marjoribanks Materials-Processing Amber King (Chair's Scholar)
4 Josh Milstein Single Molecule Imaging
5 Ziqing Hong Dark matter Rosalie Cormier; Michael Hui; Simon Harms; Raghu Alleri
6 Debra Wunch Measuring & Quantifying Toronto's Greenhouse Gas Emissions
7 David Curtin (Physics) and Chris Matzner (Astronomy) The nature of dark matter
8 John Sipe Nonlinear quantum Tony An (Chair's Scholar)
9 Aephraim Steinberg UofT Laser Cooling Muhammad Mohid (Chair's Scholar); Taite Cullen
10 Nicolas Grisouard Deep learning
11 Nicolas Grisouard A census of Arctic
12 Christopher Lee Mars Surface Models Tanisha Ghosal
13 Christopher Lee Mars Surface Characterization J.P. Medina
14 Dhirani group Nanoengineering Quantum Howard Schimmer
15 John Sipe Wannier functons Aidan Lau
16 Kaley Walker Atmospheric remote Alexandra Corapi
17 Andreas Hilfinger Establishing performance
18 Pekka K. Sinervo Atlas experiment Angela Xiang
19 Pierre Savard Atlas experiment Joanna Li
20 Richard Teuscher Atlas experiment Ruchi Soni
21 Peter Krieger Atlas experiment Julia Kim (Chair's Scholar)
22 Bob Orr Atlas experiment Allen Kasum
23 Kim Strong Deriving Wildfire CO Emissions from TROPOMI Satellite Observations
24 Anton Zilman Stochastic modeling

Undergraduate Program  USRA