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2014 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Winners of the 2014 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Aliya Surf

Student's Name: Aliya Babul

Supervisor:  Dr. Natalia Krasnopolskaia

Project Title: Developing Experiments with organic and biological samples in the Advanced Physics Laboratory

Darren Pereira

Student's Name: Darren Pereira

Supervisor:  Professor Ue-Li Pen

Project Title: Visualizations of Neutrino Wakes Downstream from Dark Matter Halos

Yuan Yao

Student's Name:  Yuan Yao

Supervisor: Professor J. Sipe

Project Title: Description of Propagation of Light Through Birefringent Fiber and Quantum Entanglement

Ryan Li

Student's Name: Ryan Li

Supervisor:  Professor Dylan Jones

Project Title: Characterizing the temporal and spatial structure of model errors Associated with Tropical Convection

Student's Name: Matthew Sunohara

Supervisor: Professor Young-June Kim

Project Title: Magnetism and Supercnductivity in Iridium Compounds

Stepan Fomichev

Student's Name: Stepan Fomichev

Supervisor:  Dr. Ruxandra Serbanescu

Project Title: Improving Experiments

Student's Name: Stephania Assimopoulos

Supervisor:  Dr. S. Goyal

Project Title: Investigating the Bacteria- Phage Co-Evolution Through Bioinformatic Analysis

Undergraduate Program  SURF