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2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Winners of the 2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)

Grace Field

Student's Name:  Grace Field

Supervisor:  Professor Stephen Julian

Project Title:  Miniature Spark Erosion System for High Pressure Research

Andrew Gomes

Student's Name:  Andrew Gomes

Supervisor:  Professor Young-June Kim

Project Title:  Magnetic properties of doped RuCl3

Saeyon Mylvaganam

Student's Name: Saeyon Mylvaganam

Supervisor: Professor Dan Green

Project Title: Prospects for Detecting Particles with Large Scale Structure Surveys

Chris Ni

Student's Name: Chris Ni

Supervisor: Professor Ue-Li Pen

Project Title: Investigating crab pulsar giant pulses using interstellar scintillation

Armanpreet Pannu

Student's Name: Armanpreet Pannu

Supervisor: Professor Pierre Savard

Project Title: Steady of the Spin and Parity of the Higgs Boson

Undergraduate Program  SURF