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2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Winners of the 2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)

Student's Name: Fangwei Chang

Supervisor:  Professor Amar Vutha

Project Title: Magnetic resonance studies o fPb-207 in lead titanate

Christine Cheng

Student's Name:  Christine Cheng

Supervisor:  Professor Amar Vutha

Project Title:  Radio-frequency electronics for laser stabilization

Stefan Divic

Student's Name:  Stefan Divic

Supervisor:  Professor Amar Vutha

Project Title:  Monte-Carlo simulation of two-photon excitation in a magneto-optical trap

Raymond Fan

Student's Name:  Raymond Fan

Supervisor:  Professor Stephen Morris

Project Title:  Chaotic states in a dragged viscous thread

Saeyon Mylvaganam

Student's Name:  Saeyon Mylvaganam

Supervisor:  Professor John Sipe

Project Title:  Quantum frequency conversion in microring resonators

Wilson Wu

Student's Name:  Wilson Wu

Supervisor:  Professor Young-June Kim

Project Title:  Photoconductivity of Mott insulators

Undergraduate Program  SURF