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Research Project Course

Official description

The full-year Research Projects course PHY479Y is a particularly good way to get exposure to and experience in a research environment.  This is useful regardless of whether one is planning further academic studies, as the skills that are obtained are used in many other occupations and environments.

The core of PHY479Y is the research project with your supervisor.  The mentoring and instruction you will receive is the way that you will develop your own problem-solving skills, understanding of specific natural phenomena and learn how to work with others.

But PHY479Y also provides you with opportunities to develop your understanding of the research enterprise through offering an orientation to research (a 1-hour session in the fall) and the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of advanced research computing (a 6-week module in the fall).  The advanced research computing module will module will cover:

·         Introduction to advanced research computing

·         Strategies for managing "big data"

·         Scientific visualization

The orientation will be offered in early fall on several dates to ensure all students can attend.  The advanced research computing module will start the second week of October and run for six weeks, meeting one hour per week.

Please go to the general description of the independent research courses for more details on enrolment and the requirements for the research project.   More details about PHY479Y can be found at the course homepage .  Please contact the PHY479Y Coordinator if you are having difficulty finding a supervisor, or have any other questions regarding this course

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4th year
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Time: F2 Room: MP 606
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Sinervo, Pekka K.
Pekka K. Sinervo

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