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Supervised Study in Physics

Official description

An individual study program chosen by the student with the advice of, and under the direction of Professor Paul Kushner.  A student may take advantage of this course either to specialize further in a field of interest or to explore interdisciplinary fields not available in the regular syllabus. This course may also be available in the summer.

Please go directly to the following page which describes all of the 3rd and 4th year supervised courses, including PHY472H1:

3rd and 4th Year Supervised Courses in Physics (PHY37x/PHY47x)

Breadth requirement
Distribution requirement
course title
summer, fall, winter
year of study
4th year
time and location
Course URL

Delivery Methods

In Person

A course is considered In Person if it requires attendance at a specific location and time for some or all course activities.*.

* Subject to adjustments imposed by public health requirements for physical distancing.

Online - Synchronous
A course is considered Online Synchronous if online attendance is expected at a specific time for some or all course activities, and attendance at a specific location is not expected for any activities or exams.
A course is considered Asynchronous if it has no requirement for attendance at a specific time or location for any activities or exams.