Steinberg group: Optical lattice references


Decoherence and Control of Vibrational States of Atoms in an Optical Lattice

A recent overview of our work on controlling and measuring atoms and photons

Samansa's talk about control of optical lattices

Matt's talk about our observation of quantum resonances in an optical lattice

Manipulating and Measuring the Quantum State of Photons and Atoms, invited talk at QUEST workshop 2005.

Expériences de tomographie et d'échos dans des réseaux optiques, séminaire à l'Institut d'Optique à Orsay, mai 2004.

Tunneling-Induced Coherence in Optical Lattices, Samansa's poster for the 2003 Cross-Border Workshop.

Motional Quantum State Tomography on Atoms in an Optical Lattice, poster by S.H. Myrskog, J.K. Fox, and A.M. Steinberg (2002).


Coherent control of population transfer between vibrational states in an optical lattice via two-path quantum interference, Chao Zhuang, Christopher Paul, Xiaoxian Liu, Samansa Maneshi, Luciano Cruz, and Aephraim Steinberg, submitted.

Coherence freeze in an optical lattice investigated via pump-probe spectroscopy, Samansa Maneshi, Chao Zhuang, Christopher R. Paul, Luciano S. Cruz, and Aephraim M. Steinberg, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 193001 (2010).

Efficient vibrational-state coupling in an optical tilted-washboard potential via multiple spatial translations, Samansa Maneshi, Jalani F. Kanem, Chao Zhuang, Matt Partlow, and Aephraim M. Steinberg, Phys. Rev. A 77, 022303 (2008).

Observation of high-order quantum resonances in the kicked rotor, J.F. Kanem, S. Maneshi, M. Partlow, M. Spanner, and A.M. Steinberg, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 083004 (2007).

Phase Space Tomography of Classical and Nonclassical Vibrational States of Atoms in an Optical Lattice, J.F. Kanem, S. Maneshi, S.H. Myrskog, and A.M. Steinberg, J. Opt. B. 7, S705(2005).

Quantum Process Tomography on vibrational states of atoms in an optical lattice, S.H. Myrskog, J.K. Fox, M.W. Mitchell, and A.M. Steinberg, Phys. Rev. A 72, 013615 (2005)

Classical and Quantum Analysis of One-Dimensional Velocity Selection for Ultracold Atoms, J.K. Fox, H.A. Kim, S.R. Mishra, S.H. Myrskog, A.M. Jofre, L.R. Segal, J.B. Kim, and A.M. Steinberg, J. Opt. B. 7, 240 (2005).

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