Steinberg group: Quantum measurement/information references


Weak measurement, uncertainty relationships, and tradeoffs in experim ental quantum measurements, slides and video of a presentation given at the celebration of Yakir Aharonov's 80th birthday at Chapman university, August 2012 .

Thinking Inside The Box: some experimental measurements in quantum optics, a talk at a weak-measurement workshop at Paul Davies's "Beyond" Institute

Real-World Quantum Measurements: fun with photons and atoms, an invited talk at the 2006 CAP annual general meeting, intended as a broad introduction to some modern themes in quantum measurement.

Recent experiments on weak measurement and quantum state construction, Quantum Theory seminar, Tel-Aviv University, April 2004.

Series of lectures on Experimental Issues in Quantum Measurement, Vienna, Fall 2003.

Optical implementation of the Quantum Box Problem, QELS 03 talk by K. Resch, J. Lundeen, and A. Steinberg.

An Experimental Implementation of Hardy's Paradox, QELS 03 talk by J.S. Lundeen, K.J. Resch, and A.M. Steinberg.


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