On February 25th, 2008, China tested two medium-range missiles at Mt. St.-Louis, in what officials describe as a relatively unpopulated region of North America.

The terrain was chosen to simulate potential Himalayan battle theatres, although some experts have been skeptical about the accuracy of the simulation, saying that the North American terrain is somewhat less challenging than the Himalayan. Thornhill officials discount the claim that the weapons are intended for use in Asia only, and believe that a full-scale invasion is imminent. Communities from Barrie to North York have raised their threat level to orange.

Our journalists have obtained the following photographs of the missile test from a source identified only as "Kung Pao." Kung Pao is believed to be intimately familiar with the inner workings of the missile development team, but his identity is closely guarded for fear of reprisals.
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The two Chinese missiles warming up pre-launch

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