Jason Harlow




I was born in Welland Ontario in 1972, and since then I've lived in Edmonton, Victoria (where I went to high school at Spectrum Community School), and Toronto.  For ten years (1994-2004) I lived in the USA: first in Central Pennsylvania, later in Central California, not too far from San Francisco.  Now I'm back in Toronto where I hope to stay for a long, long time!

I have four wonderful children: Elizabeth, Terran, Zainab and Maraj.   I love being a father, and I am also a step-father to two boys: Suleyman and Isa. 

My wife Saba and I own a car and a minivan, though we almost never drive them during the week.  We either bike to work or take public transit, and use the cars for weekend errands or trips around Ontario.

For exercise I like bicycling, running, skating, swimming and wind-surfing.  For relaxation I like to sketch, paint, play guitar and piano, although I do all four of these things quite poorly.


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