PHY205: The Physics of Everyday Life   






Physics of Everyday Life - People

Professor:  Jason Harlow HarlowFace

Office: MP121B  (Behind the payphone, 1st floor of the North Wing of McLennan Labs, 60 St. George St.)

Office Hours: Mondays 4-5pm and Fridays 9-10am.  In addition to these hours, you have are invited to call or email for an appointment, or just drop by my office any time!


Phone: (416) 946-4071      Home Page:

Teaching Assistants:

Debora Griffin

Office: MP710  , Phone: 416-978-5213

Adam Lewis

Office: MP1214  , Phone: 416-978-4251

Zen Mariani

Office: MP704A  , Phone: 416-946-0869

Nicolas Quesada

Office: MP1104A  , Phone: 416-978-7009

Keven Roy

Office: MP704A  , Phone: 416-946-0869

Niall Ryan

Office: MP704A  , Phone: 416-946-0869

Erfan Tabrizi

Office: MP1122  , Phone: 416-978-6822

Dan Weaver

Office: MP704A  , Phone: 416-946-0869


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