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PHY131-H1S: Spring 2009


Physics is the study of matter, motion and energy, as well as space and time itself! PHY131 is a first university physics course primarily for students not intending to pursue a Specialist or Major program in Physical or Mathematical Sciences. Topics include: momentum, energy, force, work, power, angular momentum, classical kinematics and dynamics, friction, oscillations, fluids, viscosity.

The language of science is math. The homework, practical activities, tests and exam in this course require you to perform some mathematical calculations to better understand physical situations. The pre-requisite for this course is the high school course: “Calculus and Vectors” (MCV4U) or “Functions and Calculus” (MCB4U), or equivalent. The co-requisite for this course is MAT135, MAT137 or MAT157.

Required Text: “Physics for Scientists and Engineers” 2nd Edition (2008) by Randall Knight. This course covers Chapters 1-15, all of which are contained in Volume 1 of the multiple-volume set.

Marking scheme for this course:

40%: Final Exam

30%: Mid-term test on Feb. 24 evening.

20%: Work submitted during Practicals, including the written homework

6%: Online homeworks

2%: Pre-class quizzes

2%: In-class iclicker quizzes

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