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PHY132-H1F: Fall 2010


Course Syllabus -(PDF) Please download, print and read this as it contains the rules for the course. [last update Aug. 11, 2010]

Physics is the study of matter, motion and energy, as well as space and time itself! PHY132 is the second half of a first-year university physics course primarily for students not intending to pursue a Specialist or Major program in Physical or Mathematical Sciences. The first half is PHY131. Topics in PHY132 include: waves, sound, light, electricity, magnetism and special relativity.

The prerequisite for this course is PHY131 or PHY151. The co-requisite for this course is MAT135, MAT137 or MAT157.

Required Text: “Physics for Scientists and Engineers” 2nd Edition (Copyright 2008) by Randall Knight. This course covers Chapters 20, 21, 23-27, 29-33, 35, 37.

Marking scheme for this course:

40%: Final Exam

30%: Term Tests

15%: Work submitted during Practicals, including Measurement Project

5%: MasteringPhysics Pop-Quizzes

5%: Online homeworks

5%: Class participation

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