PHY138: Physics for the Life Sciences

Department of Physics, University of Toronto

Jason Harlow
Monday, November 5, 2007

Waves Section, Lecture 2: Vertical SHM, Pendulum, Damped Oscillators, Resonance

Chapter 14: Oscillations.

       Section 14.4: The Dynamics of S.H.M. (“why?”)

       Section 14.5: Vertical Oscillations

       Section 14.6: The Pendulum

       Section 14.7: Damped Oscillations

       Section 14.8: Driven Oscillations and Resonance


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Flash Animation of Mass on spring Simple Harmonic Motion (courtesy of D.Harrison)


Flash Animation of Damped Harmonic Motion (courtesy of D.Harrison)


Youtube Video of a Chladni Plate Resonance demo