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In our group, we are interested in a range of topics involving the relation of very intense light and matter. In the interaction between the two, each may end up changed, in subtle or in striking ways. It is the relationships within matter, and the relationships of light to itself, which change when the two accommodate each other, and which interests optical and plasma physicists.

Our research topics divide roughly into fairly fundamental research at ultra-high intensities (including relativistic laser-plasma physics and extreme non-linear optics) and fairly applied research, (including ultra-fast laser-materials processing for optics and photonics and ultra-fast laser-biotissue studies for medical biophysics).

The descriptions given in the research section are mostly pitched at a level comfortable for those who have had some undergraduate exposure to physics. Much, though, is perfectly accessible to those curious about lasers, light, or university research. Comments, questions and feedback by email are much appreciated !

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