Prof. Jim Prentice(paddling bow) and me(paddling stern), winners of the 1975 Fermilab Canoe Race around the cooling ponds of the 4-mile main accelerator ring.  
Delivering my shortest ever, but "most distinguished", lecture on particle physics, Canadian Embassy in Bonn 1993. (For non-Canadian viewers, the guy in the suit is Jean Chretien, who at the time was Prime Minister of Canada.) 
In the HERA electron-proton collider tunnel at the "End of HERA" celebration, DESY, Hamburg 2007.

Inset: with my former ZEUS student, Burkhard Burow (Ph.D. 1994, now at IBM), at the same event.
The first magnetic "horn" at T2K, which focuses pions before they decay to produce the neutrino beam. With Prof. Sampa Bhadra of York University (aka my wife).
Warning to neutrinos at the T2K neutrino hall... With University of Toronto engineer Mircea Cadabeschi.
In front of the Optical Transition Radiation (OTR) detector and the first horn in the T2K target station staging area. The OTR detector is a unique detector we (Toronto, York, TRIUMF) designed and built to measure the position and shape of the intense proton beam just before it strikes the neutrino beam production target. Past and present members of the team:

first row: Sampa Bhadra, Mark Hartz (now at IPMU/TRIUMF)

second row: Akira Konaka, Elder Pinzon, Patrick de Perio (now at IPMU, Japan)

third row: Arturo Fiorentini, Alysia Marino (now at U. of Colorado), Mitchell Yu, John Martin

fourth row: Mircea Cadabeschi, Slavic Galymov (now at IPNL, France).
Lifetime Achievement Medal talk at the Canadian Association of Physicists Congress, University of Alberta 2015. With Prof. Robert Fedosejevs, President of CAP.
2015 Nobel Laureates in Physics, Takaaki Kajita and Art McDonald. With Sampa Bhadra and Janet McDonald.


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