Teaching & Outreach

I truly believe that teaching and public outreach are the foundation of research in the fundamental sciences—especially if this research is taxpayer-funded. For that reason, I dedicate a great deal of my time to teaching and outreach in an attempt of making cosmology more accessible to the public. I am a member of the Dunlap Institute outreach committee and speakers bureau which means that I can be booked at no cost to provide a public-accessible presentation about one of the topics in my arsenal. In the future, I will be using this page as an outreach hub.

Online Talks

Weighing the Universe

Not only is the Universe expanding, but it’s also accelerating! This revelation implies either our understanding of gravity is flawed or that a mysterious negative pressure known as Dark Energy is driving the expansion. In this talk I address how these questions can be addressed by weighing the universe and how balloon-borne telescopes can be used to do so. This talk was also presented as part of Cosmos from Your Couch here.