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CC: Cloud Chamber

Although originally invented to investigate atmospheric cloud formation, the cloud chamber became better known as one of the earliest (and most fun to watch) subatomic particle tracking detectors. The CLOUD collaboration at CERN uses modern cloud chambers to study the effect of cosmic rays on atmospheric cloud formation, a controversial issue thought by some to be important for understanding climate change. Our Cloud Chamber can be used for a variety of special projects, such as studying cosmic rays, atmospheric radioactivity, electrostatic droplet formation, ....

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(The experiment is currently located in MP248)

Cloud Chamber Setup (4 September 2014)

Subatomic particle track in Cloud Chamber (4 September 2014)

Co-60 radioactive source in Cloud Chamber. Are the tracks associated with gammas from the source? (4 September 2014)

Cloud formation around cylindrical tower (26 September 2014). (See also full 185MB version.)

Last updated on 18 September 2016