The Short Story:

  • My current research projects are in planetary magnetic fields and dynamo theory.
  • I am always looking for bright, enthusiastic, self-motivated graduate students with undergraduate backgrounds in one of: physics, planetary physics, astrophysics, geophysics, mathematics or engineering science.
  • The research I do generally involves concepts taught in such courses as: planetary physics, nonlinear physics, fluid dynamics, geophysics, MHD or scientific computing.
  • At UofT I am a member of the Physics Department in the Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Physics (EAPP) group, but I am also cross-appointed to the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics (DAA). This means that I can also supervise students in the DAA.
Feel free to contact me for further information.


Department of Physics

University of Toronto

Rm 516B

60 St. George St.

Toronto, ON, M5S1A7

Phone: 416-946-8130

email: stanley (AT) physics (DOT)