Experimental Issues In Quantum Measurement

(last updated 17 December 2003)

Aephraim M. Steinberg

Tuesdays 10-11, Kleiner Horsaal, Institut fur Experimentalphysik, University of Vienna

Prospectus of Course,6.10.03

First lecture, 7.10.03
(an overview of fascinating experiments touching on the quantum measurement problem)

Second lecture, 14.10.03
(an introduction to the mathematics of standard quantum measurement theory)

Third lecture, 21.10.03
(von Neumann measurements, quantum erasers, EPR correlations)

Fourth lecture, 28.10.03
(dispersion cancellation, time measurement, some thoughts about optical phase)

Fifth lecture, 4.11.03
(interference as measurement -- quantum states of light, single-photon interference, BEC interference,...)

Sixth lecture, 11.11.03
(BECs, lasers, superselection rules and shared reference frames; interaction-free measurements and Hardy's paradox)

Seventh lecture, 18.11.03
(Tunneling times and introduction to weak measurements)

Eight lecture, 25.11.03
(More on weak measurements -- quantum box problem, Hardy's Paradox, and the which-path debate)

Ninth lecture, 2.12.03
(State and process tomography on photons and trapped atoms)

Tenth (and penultimate) lecture, 9.12.03
(Conclusion of trapped-atom tomography, and Non-orthogonal state discrimination & POVMs)

Eleventh (and final) lecture, 16.12.03
(Final remarks: Bell state measurement, dense coding & teleportation, quantum error correction, post-selected quantum logic)

Some additional references to supplementary readings (scroll down when you get to this link)

Some old handouts on the postulates of quantum mechanics, Dirac notation, and linear algebra background;
see also Physics 256 homepage in general for handouts and links.

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