Prof. Henry M. van Driel

Department of Physics
University of Toronto
60 St. George St.
Toronto ON, M5S 1A7
McLennan Physical Laboratories
Rm. 902
vandriel at

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Emeritus, 2014-
Professor, 1985-2014
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 2007-2012
President, Canadian Association of Physicists, 2010-2011
Chair, Department of Physics , 2000-04 ; Assoc. Chair, 1994-97

Fellow, American Physical Society, 2001-
Killam Fellow, Canada Council, 1997-99
von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award, 1991
Fellow, Royal Society of Canada, 1997-
Fellow, Optical Society of America , 1989-
Guggenheim Fellow, 1986

Visiting Scientist:
Harvard, 1982;
National Research Council (Ottawa), 1986;
Max Planck Institutes, 1990, 1991-1992,
University of Amsterdam, 1999.

Recent Publications